My name is Chris Rotolo and I will be facilitating this workshop. Before delving into the content and learning activities, it is important to be aware of the resources that will be available to you. Use these resources to build a learning and time management plan.

  • Please register now to see the workshop content, as the most important pages are behind a “member wall”. I will need to approve your membership once you’ve registered, but I’ll be checking in periodically so you won’t have to wait long.

    • Once your registration is approved, if you want to introduce yourself in the Introductions forum early, that would be great. If you have any questions, chances are someone else does too. The General Questions forum (https://www.edgetoc.com/forum/general-questions), is the place to post your questions regarding workshop content and process.

  • Review the Facilitator section to:

    • Learn more about my background

    • Reach out when you need help

  • Review the Overview section to:

    • Learn more about the workshop

    • Organize your study time and meet all due dates

  • Review the Testimonial section to see what others had to say about the workshop.​

  • Review the Workshop sections (Module 1 & Module 2) to learn how to:

    • Approach learning with an overview of how it will be applied

    • Understand the requirements for participation

  • For each module, you’ll do your readings on a given section and then engage in reflection, including answering questions crafted to help you complete each section. Review the Forums section to see where you'll:

    • Post your answers to those questions.

    • Receive feedback on your post from 2-3 fellow participants and give feedback to 2-3 others as well. ​(Participants repeatedly say that this is the most rewarding part of the experience – getting varied perspectives from like-minded people.)

  • Review the Glossary section if you encounter any terminology that is unfamiliar to you.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns and I will get right back to you. It is particularly important at the start, as none of us want to fall behind. I will typically respond within 48 hours, and often as quickly as 2 hours. But please do not leave your questions until the last minute.


Since half-day and full-day workshops can often interfere with your ability to deliver your ministry or program, we’ve chosen to deliver this workshop online. Be prepared for a collaborative learning environment. Schedule time throughout the week to review the workshop material, practice learning activities, post to the discussion forum and comment on the posts of others. 

Please only disclose information from this workshop about other ministries/programs after receiving authorization from the owner to do so, and then only share it with authorized individuals. Protecting confidential information is essential for this to work.

I encourage you to introduce yourself in the discussion forum and connect with each other to exchange experiences, study together, and discuss further what interests you most about this workshop. Make the time to take advantage of this networking opportunity.

I’m looking forward to meeting each of you virtually and guiding your learning experience.

Chris Rotolo

P.S. Those that want to explore the topic further, should ask about individualized, consultative coaching sessions.  For an idea of some of the options available see the Coaching page. At the end of the workshop, if you're interested, we can speak further about the opportunity.

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